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(photos by Paul Caven)

The Talent Show

The Baby Show

Girls 0-6 months

Boys 0-6 months

Girls 7-12 months

Boys 7-12 Months

Girls 13-18 Months

Boys 13-18 Months

Girls 19-24 Months

Boys 19-24 Months

Girls 25-36 Months

Boys 25-36 Months

Little Miss

Little Mister

The Parade

Sack Races, Find the Nickel, and Watermelon Eating Contest

Squeeze the Sponge

Egg Toss

The Washer Tournament

The Museum

The Auction

The Gallatin Theatre League Hamming it up in the Cook Shack

The Carnival

The Bands

Saturation Point

The Fabulous Torque's

Dammit Jim