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One of the Jameson Community Betterment Association’s most recent projects is the Jameson Community Museum. They are collecting and cataloging items of historical significance related to the Jameson community. The goals are to preserve our history, to exhibit the items on a rotating basis, and to open the museum on special occasions. The collection is housed in the former Jameson Post Office building, currently owned by Jim and Jan Duly.

The collection builds on items left by William (Junior) Mays, who established a museum in the adjoining building, formerly a barbershop. The collection includes:

¨ A scale model of a portion of the town, circa 1900-1912.
¨ A model of a horse drawn school wagon from the early 20th century.
¨ Promotional items from former Jameson businesses and events.
¨ Several editions of the original newspaper, The Jameson Gem.
¨ Pictures from Adam-ondi-Ahman.