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Charlene Caraway of Gallatin has never missed a Jameson Picnic in 80 years until last year when she broke her leg, but she was back this year smiling from ear to ear.

Charlene won the Jameson Picnic Baby show in 1937, and that tradition continued in 2019. Her great-grandsons Parker Michael Kreatz won first place in the 13-18 month category of the baby show, and Owen Michael Kreatz was Little Mister. They are the sons of Brook and Justin Kreatz and little brothers of Carder of Chillicothe.

Owen was honored to get to ride in the old Jameson public school horse drawn wagon in the parade, just like the one his great-great-grandmother Doris “Brown” Lynn rode in when she went to school at Jameson. Owen learned that Doris was a Jameson basketball player and Doris’s grandfather was a Lewis of the Lewis Mill Bridge in Jameson. Owen also found new relatives aboard the school wagon on the Whitt tree branch.

The picnic has been a family tradition all of its 128 years. It’s a time to see relatives and friends, reminisce, catch up on the news, listen to good music, have a tenderloin, eat some pie, play kids games, enjoy the parade, and best of all — show off the grandchildren.