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It took 7 years, but ground was finally broken in 2016 for a new water system for Jameson. The old water system was installed in 1965 but by early in the 21st century, it had become susceptible to breaks and leaks. In 2009 the Village Board hired a new Clerk, Denise Caven and the first thing President Art Turley asked Denise to do was to look into funding for a badly-needed new water system. At the direction of the Board, Denise researched the requirements for a new water system and found the first step was to acquire a Preliminary Engineering Report (a blue print) for the project. The Preliminary Engineering Report for the Village water project would cost $12,000.00, more than the Village of Jameson could ever afford. A grant would be needed to pay for the Preliminary Engineering Report. Unfortunately no grants were available for Preliminary Engineering Reports.

Finally, she found one grant that funded infrastructure projects, President Obama’s Stimulus Bill. With the help of Jim Cook and Jan Duly, Denise was able to apply for funding for the Preliminary Engineering Report. The grant was structured to fund 80% of the cost of the report with the Village funding 20%, or $2400.00. In the grant application Denise requested 100% funding because the Village could not afford to pay the 20%. With letters of support from the Daviess County Commissioners the grant was submitted. Several months later the Board was notified that they would receive 100% funding and the water project was underway.

Once the Preliminary Engineering Report was completed, with the guidance of Lance Rains of Green Hills Reginal Planning Commission, a grant from Community Development Block Grants and a grant-loan package from USDA-Rural Development funding for the new water project was secured. The Village Board wanted to keep the Jameson water system, but funding for the project was contingent on the water system being turned over to Daviess County PWSD #2. Once the funding was in place Board member Beth Wheeler guided the project through negotiations with Daviess County PWSD #2 and completed all the necessary paperwork to finalize the project.

Sadly Art Turley didn’t live long enough to see his wish of a new water system for the residents of Jameson come to fruition. However, his widow Aletha is on the Board of Trustees and was able to cast her vote in favor of the new water system. It took 7 years, some said it would never happen, but due to the determination and resolve of Village Board members, Patty Baker, Natalie May, Aletha Turley, and Beth Wheeler and Village employees, Denise Caven, Jim Cook and Jan Duly, Jameson finally got a new water system.

(Photos by Paul Caven)