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Christmas Special on final remaining inventory $10. each.

(Extra charge for mailing) No special orders. Limited number.

Sizes available:

Small, med, large,  2xl, 3xl.

Contact Jan Duly 660-334-0426


Elaine Bohannon


Jameson School Wagon Key Chains

Get your limited edition Jameson School Wagon Key Chain for $5.00 plus shipping.  All procedes go towards the Jameson School Wagon project.  Call Jan Duly at: 660-663-3520





At the request of Jameson Community Betterment, the Missionary Sisters at Adam-ondi-Ahman used copies of all our Note Cards to publish a booklet titled Jameson Missouri People and Places 1871 - 2017. The cover is a drawing of a plat map of Jameson from 1871 and the numbers correspond with the page number in the book containing the Note Card for that location. They did an incredible job, it took a lot of time, a lot of work, and a lot of research. We very much appreciate the Sisters dedication to this voluntary project and we are so thankful for all the AOA Missionaries and all they do for Jameson. Jameson Community Betterment is selling the books as a fund raiser for the community for $10.00 (plus postage) or you can contact Jan Duly at 660-663-3520 and pick up two or three.





In 2009 the Jameson Community Betterment put together a new cookbook--More Gems.  It has over 100 contributors and contains about 450 recipes.  It is indexed by the name of the recipe as well as the names of the contributors.

 More Gems costs $10 plus $3.00 postage and can be purchased by getting in touch with Jan Duly at 660-663-3520.






   In this first set of seven notecards we feature pictures from Jameson's history.  We include pictures of our four Churches, the train depot, our original school house and the 'new' high school.  A pargraph explaining the picture is on the back of each notecard.  The price is $5 plus shipping.  Call Jan Duly at 660-663-3520 to order. 


  In this second set of notecards we feature more pictures from Jameson's history.  This set of seven cards include photos of the Jameson House, the blacksmith shop, the Lyman Wight cabin, the barber shop, the Jameson drug store, the Jameson opra house and the Scott and Dunn store.  A pargraph explaining the picture is on the back of each notecard.  The price is $5 plus shipping.   Call Jan Duly at 660-663-3520 to order. 

  In our third set of seven notecards we feature even more pictures from Jameson's history.  We have photos of Caraway Grocery store, Drummond's garage, Everly cemetery, Smith grocery store, Somerville lumber and hardware, Main street Jameson, and the Jameson Post Office.  A paragraph explaining the picture is on the back of each notecard.  The price is $5 plus shipping.  Call Jan Duly at 660-663-3520 to order. 

  In our fourth set of notecards we feature still more pictures from Jameson's past.  We have pictures of the school wagon, Lawrence and Linda Holley, the Feurt Bros livestock, the WW II memorial plaque, the Lewis mill stone, Harry and Mary Wheeler and Adam-Ondi-Ahman.  A pargraph explaining the picture is on the back of each notecard.  The price is $5 plus shipping.  Call Jan Duly at 660-663-3520 to order. 

In our fifth set of note cards we feature Bob Duly and Duly's Garage, Frankie and Harry Wheeler and Wheeler's Cafe, Carl and Hortense Alexander and Alexander's Market, Cliff and Elzada Roberts and Robert's Cafe, an artists rendition of the Lewis Mill Bridge, the sign at the main entrance to the historical Morman site at Adam-ondi-Ahman, a picture of the plaque on the Jameson School Building.

The sixth set of Note Cards feature the Guthrie Bridge across the Grand River, a poster from the 100th Jameson Picnic in 1991, the Adam ondi Ahman White House which is a 1910 Sears Roebuck & Co kit house, the old Jameson Band Stand, The School fire escape, the sign showing the School championships from 1963 to 2000, a shot of the beautiful Marydale Inn.

This set of cards highlights some of the old as well as some of the new history of Jameson. There is the Hefley Home which is one of the oldest remaining houses in Jameson. It is located on Main street on the west side of the City Park. Another card shows an Amateur Talent Show during a recent Jameson Picnic. The Talent Show is a decades-long tradition. There's a card showing the Old Diahman Restaurant from the 1960's. Another card shows the Eben Estes and sons popcorn plant from the 1950's. Also from the 1950's is a photo of the original charter of the Jameson Lions Club. There are two cards with Jameson School significants one with the old gym scoreboard and another showing the "Welcome to Jameson High School" sign.

This set of note cards features the 1962-63 championship, record setting, boys and girls Jameson basketball teams. The 1948-1949 Jameson Band which earned top honors in the annual State High School Music Contest. The "Yellow House", which is an "Airplane Bungalow" built in 1900 just south of Jameson, now home to Adam-Ondi-Ahman missionaries. One of the cards shows Rufus and Cleo Hefley. Rufus opened a bicycle shop that was a Jameson mainstay. He repaired and sold used bicycles. Many of the local children bought their first bicycles from Rufus. When asked what he liked best about rebuilding bicycles, Rufus replied, "It's just a hobby; I don't do it to make money, I just want to keep the kids happy." One card shows Allen F. Wade, the editor of The Jameson Gem newspaper which he published between 1913 through 1937. "I know not what the truth may be, I tell the tale as 'twas told to me." While  Jameson's population peaked at about 450, the Gem's circulation reached nearly 700 people. Dr. James B. Graham was born in Gentryville, MO on October 18, 1873. Upon receiving his license, following his graduation from Barnes Medical School in St. Louis, he began his career in Jameson and continued his practice until his illness and death.

Jameson Plat Map

Plat map of Jameson c.1916

 16"x20" (suitable for framing)

$12.00 plus shipping

To order call: Jan Duly at 660-663-3520




We have three sizes of trash bags. They are each $10.00 a roll.

White:   tall kitchen bags, 65 bags per roll

Yellow: 30 gal. trash can size, 25 bags per roll

Blue:     large garden size, 16 bags per roll


To order call: Jim Duly at 660-663-3520

Due to their excessive weight, we do not ship the trash bags you must arrange to pick them up.

Jameson Picnic T-Shirts

Sizes: Small to XX Large

Colors: Purple,Gray and Blue

Price: $10.00 plus shipping

To order call: Jim Duly at 660-663-3520


Jameson Picnic Hats

We have a veriety of hats from present and past years

Colors: as shown

(while supplies last)

Price: $2.00 plus shipping

To order call Jim Duly at: 660-663-3520